The INCC studies how the brain generates the mind and behavior. We investigate the brain activity that controls integrative brain functions, we study the sensorimotor and neuronal/glial basis of these functions and we address their cellular and molecular underpinnings.
Our research addresses not only fundamental questions about how humans perceive, understand, and interact with the environment, but also how these functions develop. We are very active in translational and applied research: we test new therapeutic approaches to autism, we try to identify new targets for drugs against depression and schizophrenia, we develop brain-machine interfaces, we help astronauts adapt to zero gravity conditions …
Research at the INCC is question-driven. We are a pluridisciplinary research center where cognitive scientists, movement scientists, biologists, physicists, and engineers work together to tackle questions about mind, brain, and behaviour, and train a future generation of scientists in a transdisciplinary environment and spirit. Breaking barriers is our philosophy.
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