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Dr. Sandrien Van Ommen

Postdoctoral Researcher
Language and cognition

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+33 1 42 86 99 69, room H416

Recent Publications


  • Darriba Á, Hsu YF, Van Ommen S, Waszak F. Intention-based and sensory-based predictions. Scientific Reports, in press.
  • Darriba Á, Van Ommen S, Hsu YF, Waszak F. Visual predictions operate on different time scales. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, in press.
  • Van Ommen S, Boll-Avetisyan N, Larraza S, Wellmann C, Bijeljac-Babic R, Höhle B, Nazzi T. Language-specific prosodic acquisition: A comparison of phrase boundary perception by French- and German-learning infants. Journal of Memory and Language, 2020, 112 (104108).
  • Helo A, Van Ommen S, Pannasch S, Danteny-Dordoigne L, Rämä P. Influence of semantic consistency and perceptual features on visual attention during scene viewing in toddlers. Infant Behavior and Development, 2017, 49, pp.248-266. (PDF)
  • van Ommen S, Hendriks P, Gilbers DG, van Heuven VJJP, Gooskens CG. Is lenition a factor in the asymmetry in intelligibility between Danish and Swedish?. Lingua, 2013, 137, pp.193-213.


  • Nerbonne J, van Ommen S, Gooskens CG, Wieling M. Measuring socially motivated pronunciation differences. Approaches to measuring linguistic differences, Boring L, Saxena A - Mouton de Gruyter, 2013.
  • Nerbonne J, van Ommen S, Gooskens CG, Impe L. A corpus of regional Dutch speech. Phonetics in Europe. Perception and Production, Gooskens CG, van Bezooijen R - Peter Lang, 2013.


  • Sandrien van Ommen. Listen to the beat, A cross-linguistic perspective on the use of stress in segmentation. Utrecht University, 2016.