Cendra Agulhon


15 Jun 2021


All Day

INCC Photo Contest

INCC is organizing a Photo contest of science images.  The first prize of the contest is  250 €. The major goal of the contest, however, is to reward the best images that illustrate the research activity of our team members  by exhibiting them as posters in our laboratory rooms (meeting rooms or lab spaces).

Conditions for competing :

      • Glial cells in the Cerebellum © Cendra Agulhon

        The contest is open to all INCC members, with no restrictions.

      • The images have to illustrate your research work.
      • The format of the pictures should be jpeg and pdf, high quality in order to allow poster printing (A0 or A1 size).
      • The images have to be submitted together with a Title or short legend and a Copyright ( authors).
      • Authors should submit a single photo.
      • The deadline of submission is june 15.
      • Send the photos by e-mail (or Wetransfer, if too large) to, with «  INCC photo contest – First name – Name »  in the object line.